What You’ll Hear

Think of KHIS Next as a “clean Top 40” channel, specialized for students. The latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, EDM, and whatever else is hot right now.

Who You’ll Hear

Artists like Lecrae, Skillet, Britt Nicole, Flame, Red, Thi’sl, Thousand Foot Krutch, Toby Mac, Capital Kings, to name a few.

What You Will NOT Hear

Nothing profane. Ever. KHIS Next exists to build your faith, not tear it down. A lot of our songs are about your connection to God. Some are about your relationships with others (friends, crushes, etc.). A few are honestly just good, clean, silly fun! Oh. And no commercials, ever. When we’re not playing music, KHIS Next is trying to speak on things you care about.

No Commercials?!?!

Seriously! We’ll never sell your ears to an advertiser. We know you have a lot of choices, and we value the time you spend with KHIS Next. We’ll do our best to make our talk relevant to your life. BTW, we’re commercial free thanks to generous friends who pay to bring KHIS Next to you. Once you decide you like what you’re hearing, join the giving team! We’re grateful for every gift! (Big or small. It really helps.)

The Music Mix

We’re going to bust our butts to please every person listening, every second of the day. But chances are, there will come a time when somebody else’s favorite song or style will play more than yours. Or YOUR favorite song/style/artist will play more than theirs! Given the Top 40 nature of KHIS Next, we’re at all times trying to find a groove that you and your polar opposite can agree on. All we ask is that you give us grace as we strive for that balance.

The Lyrics

Every song comes from a “Christian worldview.” Whether it’s a song about faith, a song about love, or something goofy. KHIS Next believes living for Jesus is about our relationship with Him AND with others. So we have songs that deal with both aspects of life. And while you’ll never hear anything dirty, you should know that some of these songs tackle tough topics. Things many people around Southeast Missouri struggle with every day. Let’s get them dealt with here, from a Christian worldview.

The Styles

Whatever’s hot. Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, Rock, and songs that defy labels. KHIS Next’s clean Top 40 calling aims to give Southeast Missouri a diverse, mass appeal mix like what you’d get on MIX 96.5, but without filthy lyrics, dirty DJ’s, or endless commercial breaks. The very nature of our Top 40 purpose means you’ll hear a little bit of everything that potentially fits the always-changing definition of “mass appeal.” We try to find Rock songs a Hip Hop lover can deal with, Rap songs a Rocker can roll with, and so on. But NOT Rock songs only a Rocker would head bang to, and not Rap songs only a hip hop head could bob to.